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Chapter 60: Closure, Part 2 Stop Hiding

It's really long, and it got a title change, but it's finally done. And now it's time for me to go into hiding, because I'm sure a lot of people aren't gonna like the twist in this chapter!

Analysis and Spoilers:

Like Saura talking to Grayleaf, I had been looking forward to writing those scenes nearly forever, but also fearing them. Even if you're not happy with this development, I'm hoping it's at least a huge subversion of expectations, something you'd almost never see in a PMD story.

This has been coming for a very long time. It was the entire purpose of Saura getting his Watcher curse. Back then, I analyzed his character development path and I realized this was really the only direction it could go. I thought about Ray, Eva, Otto, Team X, and a few more characters who aren't apparent yet, and they were all full of life and developing with such energy that it was almost like I was only watching them act. But it wasn't the same for Saura; it seemed like his path was slowing down and drawing to a close, and there wasn't much left to put him through that would develop his character. With perhaps some pain, I realized I couldn't deny Saura his rightful conclusion.

So here we are. What now? Well, you might notice that this is the first chapter in a very long time that doesn't end on a cliffhanger. It provides closure to many threads, though it wasn't always happy closure, and it paves the way for the status quo for the upcoming chapters. The following chapters will contain less drama, and be more action-packed and surround team synergy and logistics, as Char finally tackles the second objective on Alakazam's list: leading his team to victory in a one-star mission. It is possible these chapters might be a bit shorter than normal, and possibly published a bit faster. Hey, I'd genuinely love to publish chapters faster than I have been, and it might mean making them shorter. It might also mean Season 4 doesn't quite end at Chapter 70 as planned, and maybe I'd have to add some more chapters though keeping roughly the same content. I don't know, I'll figure that out as I go.

Will Saura return? Of course he will! Though perhaps he won't be officially part of the team again, Saura won't stop being a presence in this story. But the circumstances surrounding his reappearance might surprise you, so don't go thinking you know what I'm planning. ;)

Though I have no idea when I'll update again at the moment, as I have a certain real-life obligation that I didn't previously have, the next chapter is going to be a special episode about an Espeon. I will try hard not to make it too similar to the next Eon Fable chapter, so maybe I'll write it completely in poetry or something.

Until next time, thanks for reading!
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I really love your work! I'm really obsessed with the Silver Resistance right now and I'm always excited to read more of it every day~!!
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Do the pokemon in Ambera celebrate Christmas or holidays?

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P.s You are awesome!
ScytheRider Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
I have kind of a tradition where I post a touching / family-related chapter on Christmas Eve. This year will be no exception. :)
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Joy to the World :D Now I like this pmd even more! (which i didn't think possible)
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