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Coincidentally, on the very same night that I posted this chapter, Rock-Bomber got back to me with the cover art for the chapter coming up next:

[Commission] Eon Fable: Chapter of the Dark by Rock-Bomber
by :iconrock-bomber:

Such gorgeous work! All these Eon Fable covers keep blowing me away. I just hope I can write Iris to be as majestic as she appears here. If you like it, you should go comment on it!

I'll leave you to theorize about who the sleeping one is.

Original Post:

I've been silent for a while. It's because I've been trying to focus all of my free time into finishing the most challenging, ambitious chapter of fanfiction anything I've ever written.

Now, for better or for worse, It's done.

Eon Fable: Chapter of the Mind

This one... wow.


I'm not going to lie. It's a book. I wrote a book. It clocks in at about 57,413 words in Word. And I'm posing it almost exactly 2 years after the Jolteon chapter went up. I'm exhausted! I don't think I'll be writing another chapter so ambitious for a while, at least for a fan fiction.

Like all Eon Fable chapters, I took extra effort to make it (mostly) verbally readable, even though it's unlikely anyone will ever verbally read the whole thing. It's also probably the closest thing I have to an actual original novel. I could probably convert it into an original novel if I wanted. It relies upon Pokemon mechanics surprisingly little. The original idea was to have a culture of Pokemon who don't act like Pokemon, and instead try to ignore their Pokemon nature and act more like humans... because the theme here is the mind, not the body. It's a chapter about secrets, lies, and mind-games.

For NaNoWriMo, I had a particular challenge where I was running out of time as I reached the end of Part 12. In a strategic maneuver, I decided to skip directly to Part 16 and begin writing the climax and ending sequence, hoping that I could write them faster and more fluently than the tricky scenes I was skipping over. It worked, but when I returned to it after NaNo's conclusion, I found that writing parts 13-15 was quite a challenge, and much harder than I expected. Hyacinth's voice kind of falters in those scenes, especially part 15, which was the scene that got the least attention out of the whole chapter. But I finally decided it's "good enough" and it can probably be attributed to Hyacinth's change of mood anyway.

The chapter has some small issues that I couldn't completely resolve, but I won't spell them out here because of spoilers. I could discuss the story in the comments if anyone has any questions. Despite the lingering issues, I feel like I have absolutely reached the artistic vision I envisioned for the chapter. I never censored Hyacinth or told her she had to stop talking. Unto the end, I let her finish at her own pace.

It's such a weird feeling to finally post this one. I feel like I don't even care if anyone reads it. I feel like it was something I needed to write, and now that it's done, I'm happier than any positive comments could make me.

I don't know what else to say about it right now, other than that I hope you enjoy it... if you make it through. If you don't, well... Eon Fable chapters are meant to be read in any order you want, so feel free to give it a pass. Cross your fingers and maybe this will be the year of the Umbreon.

And Basin Canyon.

And actually finishing that music thread like I promised.
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